Dance research

Here are some of the researchers currently involved in dance and health:


Madeleine E. Hackney

Dr Hackney is most known for her research regarding a program of adapted Argentine tango dance, which she designed and refined for targeting the mobility and cognitive impairments of older adults with and without Parkinson’s disease (PD).  She has pursued research goals through two VA career development awards (CDA).Dr. Madeleine E. Hackney is a Research Scientist with the Center for Visual and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation at the Atlanta VA.

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Hanna Pohjola

Adjunct Professor (Title of a docent in interdisciplinary research on health and well-being), Doctor of Arts in Dance, Master of Arts (Dance Pedagogy), Master of Health Sciences (Exercise Medicine) and Physiotherapist Hanna Pohjola works on a four-year grant from the Kone Foundation and as a University Researcher in Social Sciences and a University Teacher at the Institute of Dentistry at the University of Eastern Finland

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