This year, we are collaborating with Anna Duberg from Örebro University and Åsa N Åström from Ballet Academy!


Anna Duberg is an affiliated researcher at the Department of Health Sciences at Örebro University and works as a research supervisor at the University Hospital Research Center in Region Örebro County. She currently combines research supervision with working on innovation-related issues within Region Örebro County, particularly through her involvement in the management of the Social Impact Lab at Örebro University Enterprise AB.

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Åsa N. Åström is a dancer, choreographer, and developer of Dance Health at the Ballet Academy in Stockholm. She is a practicing dance educator in Dance Health, offering classes in various areas, including Dance for Parkinson’s, Neurodance, and community dance. Her background includes a career as a professional dancer both internationally and nationally, working with dance companies as well as freelancing as a choreographer. At the Ballet Academy, she educates new instructors in Dance for PD and is active in the Dance for Health committee of IADMS (International Association for Dance, Medicine, and Science). She is one of the founders of the Dance for Parkinson’s network in Sweden and actively participates in numerous projects related to Dance Health/Dance for Health.

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