Video from mini symposium June 10th “Your Brain on Art; How the Arts Transform Us” with Susan Magsamen

Susan Magsamen is the founder and executive director of the International Arts + Mind Lab (IAM Lab), Center for Applied Neuroaesthetics, a pioneering neuroaesthetics initiative from the Pedersen Brain Science Institute at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. This video of her lecture features an introduction with Gunnar Bjursell and …

Video from International Dance Day

On Monday, April 29th, Dance Day was celebrated at Kulturhuset, Stockholm where they highlighted dance for Parkinson's. A video recording with a lecture from Sara Houston and entertainment from Dance for Parkinson's , among others, is available View the video from International Dance day   Article about Dance Day on Sveriges Radio's website Sveriges …

Gunnar Bjursell awarded the Bernadotte Prize 2024

Professor emeritus Gunnar Bjursell has been awarded the Bernadotte Prize 2024 of 200,000 SEK for his long-standing research - and significant public educational efforts - on cultural engagement and its effects on the brain, well-being, and health. Gunnar Bjursell has been a central figure in research on culture, brain, and …

In focus: Fredrik Ullén at the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics

Fredrik Ullén is the director of the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics in Frankfurt and a Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institutet Major news from us at the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics is that a new imaging center, CoBIC, has been inaugurated in Frankfurt this summer. …

How Our Brains Process Music

Researchers unlocked how the brain processes melodies, creating a detailed map of auditory cortex activity. Their study reveals that the brain engages in dual tasks when hearing music: tracking pitch with neurons used for speech and predicting future notes with music-specific neurons. This breakthrough clarifies the longstanding mystery of melody perception, …

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