Anna Duberg

Anna Duberg is an affiliated researcher at the Department of Health Sciences at Örebro University and works as a research supervisor at the University Hospital Research Center in Region Örebro County. She currently combines research supervision with working on innovation-related issues within Region Örebro County, particularly through her involvement in the management of the Social Impact Lab at Örebro University Enterprise AB.


Current research studies (intervention studies):

  • The Dance Project – This study focuses on dance for adolescent girls with stress-related problems and is conducted as a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT).
  • Just in TIME study – This study involves dance and yoga interventions for girls aged 9-13 with functional abdominal pain and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It is also conducted as an RCT.
  • SWAN study – The SWAN study explores Structured Water Dance as an intervention for adults with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities. The study design utilizes a Randomized Crossover Design.
  • DigiYoga CaRe – This research involves a Digital Yoga Intervention for Cancer Rehabilitation, specifically for breast cancer patients. The study aims to measure its effect on fatigue, systemic inflammation, and activity levels. It is conducted as an RCT.
  • InMotion – InMotion is a study examining the use of creative physical training as part of the treatment for adults with schizophrenia. This study also employs a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) design.
  • ReActivate – ReActivate is an intervention study focused on graded physical activity for youth aged 12-16 with pain and mental health illnesses. The study design utilizes a Single-Case Experimental Design (SCED).

These studies represent a diverse range of interventions aimed at addressing various health issues and conditions through dance, yoga, and physical activity.