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Fredrik Ullén awarded the KI Culture Prize 2022

Congratulations to Fredrik Ullén who was awarded the KI Culture Prize during KI Culture Day 19th October. Motivation for the prize Fredrik Ullén is Director at the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics in Frankfurt, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet, and also a concert pianist. His major research interests are …

Review article: music perception, action, emotion and learning all rest on our fundamental capacity for prediction

Music is ubiquitous across human cultures - as a source of affective and pleasurable experience, moving us both physically and emotionally - and learning to play music shapes both brain structure and brain function. Music processing in the brain - namely, the perception of melody, harmony and rhythm - has …

New study about the individual differences in ordinary aesthetic experience

Aesthetic experience seems both regular and idiosyncratic. On one hand, there are powerful regularities in what we tend to find attractive versus unattractive (e.g., beaches versus mud puddles). On the other hand, our tastes also vary dramatically from person to person: what one of us finds beautiful, another might find …

Non musicians wanted for a pilot study about piano training

Fredrik Ulléns group are looking for non musicians to help develop a method to study skill development with the help of piano training. Please note that this study is entirely in Swedish   Mer information om denna studie på Svenska (pdf)

Welcome to the ‘Music and Personality’ experiment, conducted by Prof. Glenn Schellenberg with colleagues at the University of Lisbon!

Find out more about your personality and musical talent! Welcome to the 'Music and Personality' experiment! The aim of this study is to explore how musical abilities are associated with personality, nonmusical abilities, formal music training, and informal musical activities (e.g., listening, attending concerts). The experiment takes around 45 minutes …

Interview with Assal Habibi – education promotes neurological changes in the brain

Assal Habibi discusses her research into how music education promotes neurological changes in the brain. The interview is conducted at the Edinburgh Culture Summit 2020.