Brain and Culture Zoom Lecture with Gary McPherson on 8th October at 11.00 CET

On October 8th there will be a Brain and Culture with Gary McPherson from Melborne University, Australia Location: Zoom meeting. A Zoom link will be posted on our website a few days before the event Date and Time: October 8th at 11.00 CET Title: Musical Prodigies Abstract One of the most contentious debates in psychology, …

Brain and Culture Zoom Lecture with Séverine Samson October 20th

On October  20th there will be a lecture in the Brain and Culture series with Séverine Samson, Université de Lille Date and Time: 20th October 15.00 CET Title: Music synchronization and social interaction in cognitively impaired elderly: Does live performance matter? Speaker: Séverine Samson, Université de Lille Location: Zoom meeting. A link will be …

Grant for 1.2 M SEK from Hjärnfonden

Fredrik Ullén's group in The Centre for Culture, Cognition and Health has received a grant from Hjärnfonden for research relating to neural markers for learning, where a piano melody is used as a model to understand how the brain learns new skills. Hjärnfonden’s support is especially appreciated during a time …

Take part in our new study: Cultural Activities and Psychological Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This project aims to discover how our participation in cultural and leisure activities has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also want to investigate the importance of such participation for psychological well-being during the pandemic. The project is an anonymous online survey and everyone over 18 years old is welcome …

Gunnar Bjursell writes the intro lyrics to Håkan Hellström’s song “Bit dig i läppen”

Photo: Wikipedia Pop singer Håkan Hellström has chosen to use an introduction written by Gunnar Bjursell from the Centre for Culture, Cognition and Health in his song “Bit dig i läppen”. The introduction is about the healing power of music. Håkan has expressed an interest in the work carried out by …

Music and Mind Live: Renée Fleming interviewed online in a new series from the Kennedy Centre

Photo: Wikipedia Renée Fleming, who recently received the Isadore Rosenfelt advocacy Award, is one of the experts in music and health featured in an interview by Dr. Vivek Murthy in a new online series from the Kennedy Center. It is important that dialogue and culture is kept alive during the Corona virus …

Using a cappella to explain speech and music specialization

A recent study suggests humans have developed complementary neural systems in each hemisphere for auditory stimuli. Speech and music are two fundamentally human activities that are decoded in different brain hemispheres. The study used a unique approach to reveal why this specialization exists. Researchers at The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital) of …

Postponed: Sickness in Art, Science and Music – an evening at Thielska Art Gallery

The Centre for Culture, Cognition and Health's evening in collaboration with Thielska Gallery entitled Sickness in Art, Science and Music, exhibited with the gallery's Edvard Munch collection has regrettably been postponed. his is unfortunate, but we are hoping to hold this event at a later date so please check this …

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