Brain and Culture lecture February 21st at 15.00 “The role of the arts in improving health” with Karen Mak, University College London

Title: The role of the arts in improving health Speaker: Karen Mak, University College London Date & time February 21st at 15.00 Location: Zoom lecture (details to follow)   The role of the arts in improving health This presentation will be showing the most recent evidence from population-based surveys on the health impacts of the arts, …

Why Should I Learn Music? It Can Be Good for Your Brain!

Research shows that playing music also contributes to our overall health and wellbeing and helps our thinking and planning skills. In this popular science article, we will first talk about how various parts of the brain are engaged to make music playing possible. We will also discuss benefits of music …

Does the amount of time you spend in school improve your intelligence, or are other factors more important?

This new study between Karolinska Institutet and the Radboud University Medical Center and Vrije University in Holland focused on how months of schooling related to intelligence in 6567 children (aged 9-11), taking into account factors such as socioeconomic status (SES) and cognitive ability. Notably, two years of schooling had a larger …

Danish study on music and sleep: here are the best songs to fall asleep to

The sounds we use to drift off "display a large variation including music characterised by high energy and tempo," say researchers at a Danish university. Researchers from Aarhus University analysed over 200,000 songs on Spotify from nearly a thousand playlists associated with helping users to get to sleep. Alongside the expected types …

Music Interventions in Healthcare: a whitepaper by Kira Vibe Jespersen, Line Gebauer and Peter Vuust

In 2014, Line Gebauer and Peter Vuust wrote a white paper describing the existing applications of music in health care, which has turned out to be relevant for a wide audience and health care professionals. Since then, many new applications have seen the light of day, and the existing literature …

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Tisd 21 Feb

Brain and Culture with Karen Mak, University College London

TID: 15.00 PLATS: Zoom lecture Läs mer
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