Webinar 5th March “Children’s rights to play and participate in artistic activities in healthcare settings”

Title: Children’s rights to play and participate in artistic activities in healthcare settings Date and Time: 5th March 9.30 -11.30 Location: webinar  Speakers: various (see link below)   RED NOSES International and the Task Force on Children and Ado- lescents of the International Network of Health Promoting Hospi- tals are excited to invite you to …

How Our Brains Process Music

Researchers unlocked how the brain processes melodies, creating a detailed map of auditory cortex activity. Their study reveals that the brain engages in dual tasks when hearing music: tracking pitch with neurons used for speech and predicting future notes with music-specific neurons. This breakthrough clarifies the longstanding mystery of melody perception, …

Dr. Immordino-Yang video interview: How Emotions & Social Factors Impact Learning

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, EdD is Professor of education, psychology and neuroscience at the University of Southern California and director of the Center for Affective Neuroscience, Development, Learning and Education, who has done groundbreaking research on emotions, self-awareness and social interactions and how these impact the way we learn and change …

Brain & Culture lecture “Musical Daydreams” April 17th with Elizabeth Margulis

Title: Musical Daydreams Speaker: Elizabeth Margulis, Director, Music Cognition Lab Princeton University U.S.A Date & Time: April 17th at 3pm Location: Zoom, details coming soon   Description Music can evoke a range of imaginings from autobiographical memories to fictional scenes, responses that have often been considered in separate streams of research. But given the amount of …

Brain & Culture lecture May 23rd: “Is music special as a cue for autobiographical memories? Exploring the how and why” with Kelly Jakubowski

Title: Is music "special" as a cue for autobiographical memories? Exploring the how and why Speaker: Kelly Jakubowski, Associate Professor in Music Psychology, Co-Director of Centre for Research into Inner Experience, Department of Music, Durham University Date and time: Maj 23:e kl 14.00 Place: Inghesalen vid Widerströmska Huset, Tomtebodavägen 18, Solna   About the lecture Many people think …

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Onsd 17 Apr

Brain & Culture lecture with Elizabeth Margulis

TID: 15.00 PLATS: Zoom lecture, details to follow Läs mer
Tors 23 May

Brain & Culture lecture with Kelly Jakubowski

TID: 14.00 PLATS: Inghesalen vid Widerströmska Huset, Tomtebodavägen 18, Solna Läs mer
Månd 10 Jun

Brain & Culture lecture with Susan Magsamen

TID: 14.00 PLATS: Georg & Eva Klein lecture hall, Biomedicum, Solna väg 9, Solna at 14.00 Läs mer
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