International operatic soprano Renée Fleming discusses the NIH Sound Health initiative at the Lake Nona Impact Forum

“There are clear scientific benefits for music and arts in health"(Renée Fleming) “We want to create well being rather than just treat disease” (Renée Fleming)   International operatic soprano Renée Fleming held a session at the virtual Lake Nona Impact Forum earlier this year entitled Arts and Health as Prescriptions for the Future. …

John Lind Symposium 23rd September: Making the Cultural Brain of the Child

Lectures on the development of the brain connectome, maternal voice interaction, music in the neonatal ward, “singing kangaroo” and why books are better than screens. A hybrid symposium with a limited number of participants in the lecture hall and with live streaming. More information and registration on the symposium website

Latest publications

Read the latest research publications within the fields of culture, brain and health on the link below. The list is regularly updated Research publications 2021

In focus: McMaster Institute for Music & the Mind

The McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind (MIMM) is an interdisciplinary group of researchers including psychologists, neuroscientists, music theorists, musicians, dancers, media artists, mathematicians, kinesiologists, health scientists, and engineers. At the institute, scientists, researchers, and musicians study questions about the physical structure, evolution, neural processing, performance, and perception of music, …

Mathematical anxiety in focus – an interview with Professor Yulia Kovas

Mathematical anxiety, also known as maths phobia, is anxiety about one's ability to do mathematics.  Professor Yulia Kovas from Goldsmiths University, London, discusses the impact of mathematical anxiety with Professor Gunnar Bjursell from The Centre for Culture, Cognition and Health. Yulia Kovacs will be holding a lecture on May 19th …

Isabelle Peretz is awarded the Montreal Women’s Y Foundation’s 27th Women of Distinction Award for Research and Innovation

Isabelle Peretz has been awarded the Montreal Women’s Y Foundation’s 27th Women of Distinction Award for the category Research and Innovation. Among her achievements,  she established BRAMS (International Laboratory for BRAin, Music and Sound research) at the Université de Montréal campus in 2005. She was among the first to demonstrate …

Science and Culture: At the nexus of music and medicine, some see treatments for disease

A new Science and Culture article in PNAS highlights recent and ongoing research regarding the role of music in treating disease, including studies on music interventions for Parkinson’s from the lab of BRAMS co-director Simone Dalla Bella. Read the article on BRAMS website here

How Music Sculpts Our Brain – a new book by Isabelle Peretz

How does the process of learning music impact our brain? To what extent does it foster curiosity, attention and enhance memory? How is it linked with reading, learning languages, or mathematical thinking? Does a child need a musical ear to develop musical ability and make progress in music? Is there …

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John Lind Symposium: Making the Cultural Brain of the Child

TID: 13.15 PLATS: Nobel forum, campus solna and online Läs mer
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