Elever som spelade musik fick bättre betyg i andra ämnen

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Elever som under de sista tre skolåren valde musik fick högre betyg i många andra ämnen än de  som valde skulptur, bild eller drama. Trots att det inte fanns någon skillnad mellan grupperna under tidigare skolår. (Undersökningen gjordes av Michel Cabanac och hans medarbetare, och publicerades 2013.)

Titel: Music and academic performance

Författare: Cabanac, Arnaud ; Perlovsky, Leonid; Bonniot-Cabanac, Marie-Claude; Cabanac, Michel

Publikation: Behav Brain Res

Volym: 256

Nummer: 0

Sidor: 257-260

Publicerad: 2013

Sammandrag: In a previous study we demonstrated that listening to a pleasant music while performing an academic test helped students to overcome stress, to devote more time to more stressful and more complicated task and the grades were higher. Yet, there remained ambiguities as for the causes of the higher test performance of these students: do they perform better because they hear music during their examinations, or would they perform better anyway because they are more gifted/motivated? This motivated the current study as a preliminary step toward that general question: Do students who like/perform music have better grades than the others? Our results confirmed this hypothesis: students studying music have better grades in all subjects.

Länk till original: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0166432813005093

Kategori: Lärande, minne Musicerande, sång

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