Musikträning underlättar språkinlärning

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Franska forskare visar att intensiv musikträning inte bara underlättar inlärning av musik utan även av språk och satsmelodier. (Clément Francois och Daniele Schön, 2011.)

Titel: Musical Expertise Boosts Implicit Learning of Both Musical and Linguistic Structures

Författare: Francois, Clément & Schön, Daniele

Publikation: Cerebral Cortex

Volym: 21

Nummer: 10

Sidor: 2357-2365

Publicerad: 2011

Sammandrag: Musical training is known to modify auditory perception and related cortical organization. Here, we show that these modifications may extend to higher cognitive functions and generalize to processing of speech. Previous studies have shown that adults and newborns can segment a continuous stream of linguistic and nonlinguistic stimuli based only on probabilities of occurrence between adjacent syllables or tones. In the present experiment, we used an artificial (sung) language learning design coupled with an electrophysiological approach. While behavioral results were not clear cut in showing an effect of expertise, Event-Related Potentials data showed that musicians learned better than did nonmusicians both musical and linguistic structures of the sung language. We discuss these findings in terms of practice-related changes in auditory processing, stream segmentation, and memory processes.

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Kategori: Lärande, minne Musicerande, sång Plasticitet

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