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En populär översikt i Scientific American om hur människans hjärna hanterar dans. (Av Steven Brown & Lawrence M. Parsons, 2008.)

Titel: The Neuroscience of Dance

Författare: Steven Brown & Lawrence M. Parsons

Publikation: Sci Am

Volym: 299


Sidor: 78-83

Publicerad: 2008

Sammandrag: Dance is a fundamental form of human expression that likely evolved together with music as a way of generating rhythm. It requires specialized mental skills. One brain area houses a representation of the body's orientation, helping to direct our movements through space; another serves as a synchronizer of sorts, enabling us to pace our actions to music. Unconscious entrainment—the process that causes us to absentmindedly tap our feet to a beat—reflects our instinct for dance. It occurs when certain subcortical brain regions converse, bypassing higher auditory areas.

Länk till original: http://www.nature.com/scientificamerican/journal/v299/n1/full/scientificamerican0708-78.html

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