Using a cappella to explain speech and music specialization

A recent study suggests humans have developed complementary neural systems in each hemisphere for auditory stimuli. Speech and music are two fundamentally human activities that are decoded in different brain hemispheres. The study used a unique approach to reveal why this specialization exists. Researchers at The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital) of …

Postponed: Sickness in Art, Science and Music – an evening at Thielska Art Gallery

The Centre for Culture, Cognition and Health's evening in collaboration with Thielska Gallery entitled Sickness in Art, Science and Music, exhibited with the gallery's Edvard Munch collection has regrettably been postponed. his is unfortunate, but we are hoping to hold this event at a later date so please check this …

An Interview with Ingemar Ernberg

The cultural brain initiative will quell the traditional mistrust that exists between scientist and humanists, says Ingemar Ernberg, Director of the Centre for Culture and Health at Karolinska Institutet. Read this interview by Håkan Lindgren in Swedish on the link below. Interview with Ingemar Ernberg (in Swedish)

Töres Theorell’s new book Gäst hos vetenskapen is now available

Töres Theorell is well known to everyone interested in culture and health, he is currently Sweden's leading stress researcher. Töres's new scientific self biography Gäst hos vetenskapen is a highly recommended read! Find Töres Thorell's Gäst hos vetenskapen at

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