Fredrik Ullén: musik är människans stora konfliktlösare

Publicerat Blänkare

Den kulturella hjärnans Fredrik Ullén är en sällsynt kombination av neurobiolog och konsertpianist. För sajten BOLD (Blog on learning and development) berättar han om musikens betydelse för människan.

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”In terms of the evolutionary roots of music, one prominent theory suggests that music, dancing, and related behaviors may have evolved as a means to bond members of a tribe, decrease conflict, and make people more inclined to pursue the common interests of the group.

Transferring this to a school setting: These days, we see a lot of conflict among young people in a school environment, and making music together might help to lower the level of conflict and improve the environment. Although more research in this field would be important, existing studies indicate that music education may indeed have such positive effects on prosocial behavior.”