Polar Music Prize laureates on music and the brain

Publicerat Blänkare

This week, the 2017 Polar Music Prize will be awarded. We would like to highlight some Polar Music Prize laureates who have been inolved in research concerning musical effects on the brain.

Sting, one of this year’s two laureates, has had his brain scanned to study how we experience music.

The cellist Yo-Yo Ma (Polar Music Prize 2012) has discussed music and creativity together with professor Antonio Damasio, who recently participated in our seminar Brain and Culture II.

Björk (Polar Music Prize 2010) has discussed music, nature and technology with Richard Attenborough and the neurologist Oliver Sacks in the documentary film When Björk met Attenborough. (Trailer)

The soprano Renée Fleming (Polar Music Prize 2008) has, together with the NIH (National Institutes of Health), launched Sound Health: Music and the mind, an initiative to explore musical therapy.